A Conversation about the seasons

After I came to Europe I found that lots of  life moments are precious and fleeting.  Especially when I am alone in another country, this feeling becomes even stronger.  I gradually began to see the feelings that I care about in others. I began to express myself by telling what I see from outside and my own experience.

“I don’t like winter, my friend left me because I’m afraid of cold.”
“I don’t like summer, I feel physically uncomfortable during that season.”
“...But I like summer.”
“And I like winter, if we think like this, there’s always somebody happy in every season, no matter if it’s our day.”
“Just like every dog has its day.”

“I met this guy in Austria during the summer camp.”
“He is such an interesting guy, he cut my hair a bit shorter by a small knife, he even made this necklace for me by animal bones and stone!”

“The beauty of growth is that when you were young, you always look forward to be mature.”
“However, when you grow up, you can never go back.”

“ I’ve seen the sunrise and sunset, but it never looks the same.”

On the first class, the teacher asked about our parents’ expectations of us, if we would like to go back to our country after study.
“I would not go back, I need to start my life here.” Tarek from Syria replied.
“Will you go back to visit them?”, asked from the teacher.
“I can’t, they also won’t be able to come.”
“Maybe someday, in somewhere, in the future.”