From Hangzhou to Gent

Personal project based on the trip from my hometown to the school studio.

Last summer I went for a walk with my mom every morning. We talked about my works, her research, news, and life.

I was on the flight from Hong Kong to Brussels. It’s already been nine hours, outside of the window was the dark night of the Western Hemisphere, the light of the plane keeps shining, the stars in the sky are bright and peaceful.

I was on the train from Brussels airport to Ghent. It looked totally different from yesterday, but I couldn’t really tell where exactly was the difference.

Because of the jet lag, I fell asleep at 7 p.m, woke up at 3 p.m and couldn’t fall asleep anymore, so I got up and stayed in front of the window, there was an endless and quiet black behind me, I can only hear the voice of my breath and the wind. I stayed there from 3 to 6 o’clock, the sky gradually brightened from the dark night.

It was 8 o’clock at night, I left school to go home and I suddenly found that those old buildings are so huge and beautiful. For the next two weeks I kept leaving school around the same time, almost every time the bus No.3 would pass me. I found those buildings really huge in my view, but it’s smaller in the camera, so I spent lots of time to figure out how to express the feeling and meanwhile to make the building huge.

On the way to school, I met this couple.

“Don’t be afraid!”

In Albert Heijn, I saw this old man with garlic on his shoulder and Dutch wooden shoes on his feet. Two weeks later I saw him again at the Christmas market with his wife. They were selling garlic products at the market.

I met this Street musician on the way home every day. One day there were two strangers who started to dance in front of him, after that, they shook their hands and say goodbye to each other.

“Sorry sir, do you like Linda?”
“No, I was checking the time.”
“haha ok, have a good evening!”
“You too!”